Cavalcade Of Risk – July 5th Edition

Welcome to the July 5th edition of the Cavalcade Of Risk – offering insights into the world of risk management.

I trust that everyone had a great July 4th celebration – Just spare a thought for us guys in the southern hemisphere who are experiencing a rather chilly winter in New Zealand!

Ok, let’s get started:

Ebony Hall, I saved your financial life today – Wenchypoo chastises Ebony Hall about how he/she should be more careful about protecting their identity and not leaving important documents lying around. An important lesson to us all.

Would You Donate Your Virginity to Science? – Different River enlightens us about a project where researchers invited candidates to lose their virginity to establish the probability of infection with Human Papillomavirus Infection (HPV) without explaining the risks of the exercise.

The best type of business to be in – Paul’s Tips explains how being in the boring, disgusting, and operating in shrinking markets. And take a larger slice of profits and less competition in the process.

Die in a Car Accident – Frontbits is convinced they will die in a car accident. Why? Because they have already aqcuired 3 speeding tickets in less than 6 months; have trashed their previous car; have semi-trashed their friend’s car; have been hit by a car behind; and have put several scratches on their current car. Fair enough!

Comp Insurers Go to the End of the Line – Worker’s Comp Insider explains that premiums for workers comp insurance, unlike those for health insurance, are not bargained benefits and therefore, comp insurers are out of luck when a company goes bankrupt. While health insurers have priority for payment out of bankruptcy filings, comp insurers do not.

Drive like a maniac and make it tax deductible – Aridni explains that when driving your company car, you should not be giving other drivers a false impression of your company through your driving habits.

Insurance Agency M&A – 2006 – Specialty Insurance Blog tells us that insurance agent and broker merger and acquisition activity has slowed somewhat in 2006, but the market still remains strong for sellers.

Price Controls – InsureBlog says that time is running out for the Senate to act on a key bill to protect small businesses from another year of double-digit health insurance premium increases. He goes on to explain how price controls on this industry have never worked and never will.

PATENTLY ABSURD – Roth & Company, P.C., has noticed that their blog visitors have been taking an interest in patenting tax strategies. He got Googling on the subject and has found that the Tax Office has already granted a bunch of patents.

Thanks to everybody for the great submissions.

The next edition is June 21st, hosted at Med Bill Advisor. Be sure to check the C of R home page, for upcoming hosts.


  1. Thank you so much for hosting. You did a great job!

  2. Administrator says:

    No problem Hank and thanks for your kind words.

    C of R takes pride of place as the first carnival that I have hosted :)

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