Trader Mike

Trader Mike hosts his Trading Journal at His website is actually a Blog which he uses to journal his trading opinions and is also full of useful information about trading.

If you check out his Breaking It Down Blog Post, he provides quite a thorough explaination of what he is trying to achieve by hosting these thoughts.

He explains -

  • Who he is – His education, career background and reason for getting into trading.
  • The reasons for publishing his trading thoughts and opinions of the internet as a form of Trading Diary – and about how he believes (like many others) that having a Trading Diary is something of a fundamental nescessity for the successful trader.
  • How you should not listen to him – but make your own trading decisions formed on your own research and opinions.
  • His Trading Philosophy and the methods he uses for making his trading decisions.
  • The Technology and Methodology he uses to carry out his trading.

Why not go and check out Trader Mike’s website now?

We at subscribe to Mike’s RSS Feed and plan to report back on any ineresting subjects that Mike will write about in the future.