Penny Stock Egghead

Penny Stock EggheadThe Penny Stock Egghead is a stock trading newsletter that provides stock tips and information about penny stocks.

Trading in penny stocks is a known way to make quick profits in low priced stocks that make relatively large moves. It is known to be a risky form of trading but Nathan Gold claims to have a system for picking penny stocks that are about to make an upside move.

Who is Nathan Gold?

Ok, Nathan Gold is the pen name of the person who created the Penny Stock Egghead website. He has decided not to use his real name since he is shy and wants to keep out of the limelight.

He is a self confessed math geek who prefers to spend his time locating penny stocks that are about to shoot up in price.

Penny Stock Egghead Sample Pick

Back in February 2012 Nathan Gold issued an alert to his subscribers to buy Bonanza Goldfields Corp (PINK:BONZ). You can see how successful this trade was from the chart below:

The alert went out when the stock was at 0.009. The stock quickly rose to 0.015 and then retraced to 0.013. It then soared to 0.036! Later it retraced to 0.031 and finally fell below this support line to 0.030.

Buying this stock at 0.009 and selling at 0.030 is an amazing profit of 200%.

You can see more examples of Nathans penny stock trade pick at the Penny Stock Egghead website. It’s worth checking out, especially if you are interested in penny stock trading.