Online Fibonacci Retracement Calculator

Fibonacci Retracement Calculator ImageIf you have an interest or use Fibonacci Retracement lines for your trading, then please take a look at our Free Online Fibonacci Retracement Calculator.

The Online Fibonacci Retracement Calculator is our latest addition to our popular online financial calculators. And like our other calculators, it is free to use!

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Million Dollar Pips

The recently released Million Dollar Pips is a new forex trading robot that has been produced by William Morrison. The robot trades using some simple indicators with advanced money management and is able to keep an extremely low stop loss of no more than 2 – 7 pips on average.

Million Dollar Pips

The great thing about using a forex trading robot is that it can take away the fear and indecision of making your trades as the trades are automatically placed when certain technical indicators are triggered. What makes the Million Dollar Pips robot more appealing is that it incorporates a money management system to keep risk low. Morrison claims that the risk to your capital is kept as low as 2.5%. Keeping the risk low is a good point in my opinion.
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4 Useful Firefox Add-ons and Tips for Investors

Firefox and Greasemonkey for InvestorsIf you are a Firefox fan, and use the internet a lot to handle your investments, then take a look at these 4 useful Add-ons and tips to help you out.

If you are unfamiliar with Firefox, then check out the Firefox website for more info on this popular web browser.

Each of these add-ons and tips are easy to get working and easy to disable if you don’t like them or they are not suitable for you.

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What Are Exchange Traded Funds?

This article is a brief introduction to explain what Exchange Traded Funds are, how they work, and how you can use them as part of your investment arsenal.

Basically, an Exchange Traded Fund is a collection of shares that will try to replicate the price action of a particular index such as the S&P500 or a market sector such as Energy or Technology.

Exchange Traded Funds were first introduced in 1989 on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and have gained popularity ever since.

The American Exchange lists over 100 Exchange Traded Funds. The first to be listed here was the SPDR in 1993.

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Forex Trading

Forex TradingHere is a quick guide to Forex Trading. We will aim to explain what Forex Trading is, why Forex Trading has become so popular, how to get started in Forex Trading, and how to get successful at Forex Trading.

First of all, What is Forex Trading?

All around the world money is being transfered from one country to another, 24 hours a day of the working week. For this to happen, the money is effectively being traded from one currency to another.

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Fibonacci Retracement Lines

Let’s take a look at Fibonacci Retracement Lines and see how they can be used to help us win at trading the financial markets.

One interesting thing about using Fibonacci Retracement Lines is that they fall into the group of technical indicators that attempt to predict what price the market is going to move to.

This is different to many other popular technical indicators, such as the EMA, MCAD and Bollinger Bands which all attempt to guess the market determined upon what recent price movements.

Unlike Fibonacci Retracement Lines, These indicators tend to provide the trader with information as to whether the market will be going up or down.

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