4 Useful Firefox Add-ons and Tips for Investors

Firefox and Greasemonkey for InvestorsIf you are a Firefox fan, and use the internet a lot to handle your investments, then take a look at these 4 useful Add-ons and tips to help you out.

If you are unfamiliar with Firefox, then check out the Firefox website for more info on this popular web browser.

Each of these add-ons and tips are easy to get working and easy to disable if you don’t like them or they are not suitable for you.

Heres the list:

1. Exch

ExchExch is a currency exchange / conversion tool that displays publicly available data from Yahoo! Finance in an easy to use sidebar. It also accesses Yahoo! Finance currency graphs for quick access to trend information.

If you use this tool, remember that it is only as accurate as the data that it downloads form !Yahoo finance – which can have about a 20 minute delay.

Download Exch Here

2. StockTicker

StockTicker Firefox Add-onStockTicker is a pretty cool and simple Firefox Add-on that displays your favorite stocks or watchlist in a customized ticker on your Firefox tool bar, side bar or status bar.

StockTicker is quite highly customizable with settings for:

  • Ticker Speed
  • Price update interval
  • Display location
  • Display colors

It is also possible to enter a URL to set where to go when a price is clicked.

Download StockTicker Here

3. Access Bookmarked Stocks Information and News Quickly

Firefox bookmarksIf you have a number of websites that you need to check intermittently for market information, then a good idea is to bookmark them in a particular folder and then use the “Open All In Tabs” feature on Firefox

For instance, each morning, you may want to quickly check the stocks in your watch list, the “Market Movers” section of the Wall Street Journal, and the Technology page on CNN Money.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Add a new folder to your bookmarks toolbar and call it something like “Daily Investing”.
  2. Bookmark the pages you need to visit at a particular time and add them to this new folder.
  3. At the time that you need to check the websites, click the folder and select the “Open In All Tabs” option.
  4. Read each page and close when finished.

By doing this, you can increase the likelihood that you will not miss anything important that needs to be checked regularly.

4. Wesabe Firefox Uploader

Wesabe Firefox PluginIf you like to keep track of your online finances, then you should take a look at the Wesabe Firefox Uploader.

The Wesabe website offers a community of users who want to deal with real money issues. The website offers tools, information and community advice to give users a better understanding of how they spend their money.

The Wesabe Firefox Uploader is an extension that makes it easier to add your accounts and keep them up-to-date in Wesabe when using the Firefox browser.

Of course, there are certain security issues that you may want to address before using this plugin. But it is interesting none-the-less.

Download Here

Read more about the Wesabe Firefox Plugin at O’Reilly

Do you have any tips on how you use Firefox to manage your investments? If so, please let us know in the comments.