Free Online Compound Interest Calculator

Hello and welcome to the TraderKnowledge Free Online Compound Interest Caculator.

The Online Compound Interest calculator has been developed due to the popularity of the Free Downloadable Compound Interest Calculator, because not everyone wanted to download it, or were not running MS Windows, etc.

Also, you make sure you read our Growing Your Investments With Compound Interest article to find out how you can benefit from the magic of Compound Interest.

Online Compound Interest Calculator Instructions

1. If you are starting with a lump sum, then enter this into the Base Amount box.
2. If you will make regular monthly payments then enter them into the Monthly Payments box.
3. Enter the Interest Rate into the Percent box.
4. Enter the length of the calculation into the Years box.
5. Click the Calculate button to see the Compound Interest Calculations.

The Compound Interest Calculator will then give you the Total Final Amount, Total Amount of Payments, and Total Amount of Interest Earned - Followed by a schedule of Total Capital at the end of each year.

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