Pivot Point Calculator – Free Download

Pivot Point Calculator - Free DownloadOur Online Pivot Point Calculator has become very popular, so we decided to write a version that you can download and run on your PC. You can download the Pivot Point Calculator here.

To use the Pivot Point Calculator, simply enter the previous days Open, Close, High and Low prices into the relevant text boxes and press the Calculate button. You will then get the Pivot Point, and Support and Resistance levels for the days trading.

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Pivot Points Daily

Pivot Points DailyPivot Points Daily is a new website offering free pivot points delivered to your inbox at the end of each days trading.

Even though it is not yet live, you can register to be notified of when it will begin service.

If you are one of the many traders who have been using our Online Pivot Point Calculator or have downloaded our Free Pivot Point Calculator, then you should consider registering for the new forthcoming service Pivot Points Daily.

Online Pivot Point Calculator

The recent Pivot Points article has generated a bit of interest amongst the visitors here, so today I decided to program an Online Pivot Point Calculator that is free for everyone to use.

The Pivot Point Calculator is very simple to use.

To start, you need to retrieve the OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) prices of the financial instruments last day of trading.

Then type these prices into the relevant boxes on the Pivot Point Calculator, and then simply hit the Calculate Pivot Points button.

You will then be given the Pivot Point and support and resistance values.

Click Online Pivot Point Calculator to start using the calculator now.

Also, remember to take a look at the recent Pivot Points article if you want to refresh your memory.

You can also sign up for our newsletter to be notified of any modifications … I’d eventually like the Pivot Point Calculator to automatically retrieve the previous days prices for any stock symbol that you type into a text box. But that’s for another day.

Update : We now also have an Online Compound Interest Calculator that is free to use to. You can check it out here.

UPDATE : You can now download the free Pivot Point Calculator Software here.

Pivot Points

I first heard about Pivot Points when I used to day trade the Forex Market.

In fact, the nature of Pivot Points would probably dictate that they would only be of any real use to the day trader as they are dependant upon the previous days prices and are therefore good for only 1 day of trading.

Pivot Points work by indicating points of support and resistance for the price of a financial instrument that is being traded.

When the price reaches a pivot point, it will either bounce back from it (indicating support or resistance) or continue beyond it.

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