Free Compound Interest Calculator

Free Compound Interest Calculator ImageI decided it was time to adapt a useful piece of software that I use and make it available for everyone here to use…

So here it is – The TraderKnowledge Free Compound Interest Calculator.

This Compound Interest Calculator will show you graphically how much extra money you will make by reinvesting your gains and maintaining your principal payments.
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Online Compound Interest Calculator

We have just developed and released our Online Compound Interest Calculator here at

We decided to develop this due to the success of our downloadable compound interest calculator as we have received requests from people who do not run MS Windows or who simply don’t want to run the software on their personal computers.

The Online Compound Interest Calculator is easy to use – just follow the instructions.

We would love to hear any feedback about how we could make it better for you, so please let us know.

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Stocks Watchlist WordPress Plugin

Stocks Watchlist ImageI finally got around to finishing my Stocks Watchlist WordPress Plugin [download].

The Stocks Watchlist plugin allows you to store stock symbols in your WordPress database and then output these symbols along with their live prices to your WordPress blog. You should be able to see mine in the far right hand column here.

Stocks Watchlist AdminTo add/edit/delete stocks to the watchlist database, go to Manage->Stocks Watchlist in the admin panel.

Here it is possible to add a description to the stock symbol and also enable it to be visible in the output.

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Pivot Point Calculator – Free Download

Pivot Point Calculator - Free DownloadOur Online Pivot Point Calculator has become very popular, so we decided to write a version that you can download and run on your PC. You can download the Pivot Point Calculator here.

To use the Pivot Point Calculator, simply enter the previous days Open, Close, High and Low prices into the relevant text boxes and press the Calculate button. You will then get the Pivot Point, and Support and Resistance levels for the days trading.

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Online Fibonacci Retracement Calculator

Fibonacci Retracement Calculator ImageIf you have an interest or use Fibonacci Retracement lines for your trading, then please take a look at our Free Online Fibonacci Retracement Calculator.

The Online Fibonacci Retracement Calculator is our latest addition to our popular online financial calculators. And like our other calculators, it is free to use!

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Forex Trading Videos

Forex Trading VideosWho wants to watch some Forex Trading Videos?

There is no doubt that there is a ton of information on the internet that you can read to learn Forex Trading. However, reading the amount of information can be tiring and boring.

So I have tracked down a few Forex Trading Videos that can be found online so that you can use them to see if they can help your Forex Trading. What’s more, I have endevoured to find Forex Trading Videos that you can watch right now for free.

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